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We offer complete car detailing services, which includes both exterior, interior deep cleaning and paint correction. Enhance your package by selecting a polishing stage to maximize your vehicles curb appeal.

As a Team The Auto Detailing Guys know that vehicle detailing is so much more than just cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicle – it involves a much more thorough cleaning and restorative process using specialized tools and products to eliminate swirl marks, imperfections and any additional paint defects to achieve a flawless finish.

The use of harmful cleaning materials and incorrect washing and drying techniques, can damage the paintwork of your vehicle and leave blemishes, scratches, swirl marks and holograms, and cause a reduction in the shine of your vehicle. Furthermore, this can lead to depreciation in the value of your vehicle. The Auto Detailing Guys are your local experts in safe and professional paint correction, paint protection and gloss enhancement so your pride and joy is restored to its absolute best and transformed back to its former showroom glory!

Car Detailing provides a significant and permanent improvement to the appearance and protection of your car

Our car detailing services will completely transform the appearance of your car and protect it for years to come. As a result of thorough cleaning, paint correction and protection, we are able to restore and improve the appearance of your car.

Our range of detailing packages has been built using feedback from our existing customers. However, if you have something specific in mind just let us know.

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